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Thank you Inge Saunders for tagging me in the Meet My Main Character Blog hop. You can read about Inge’s main character here.



  A little about Inge.




First time author Inge Saunders fell in love with books when she started reading romance novels with her grandmother. Intrigued by the worlds books unlocked, it was inevitable she would take pen to paper. At age fourteen she wrote her first novel which wasn`t such a roaring success according to her brother. Not discouraged, she realized something fundamental: as a writer you can only write about what interests you, a principle she still upholds in adulthood. When she`s not writing about that ‘inexplicable attraction’ she`s reading almost every sub-genre in romance out there, spending time with friends and family and taking hikes in her hometown`s National Karoo Park. She`s forms part of Romance writers` Organization of South Africa (ROSA) and currently has two  books  under  contract  with  Decadent  Publishing,  Falling  for  Mr.  Unexpected (set  to  be released at the end of September 2014) and Dance of Love ( due later in 2014).


And now on to my character from my book Alien Mine.


·         What is the name of your character? Is s/he fictional/historical?

Natalie Hanson is a fictional character living alone in a cave in the Rocky Mountains.


·         When and where is the story set?

A few centuries from now in the Rocky Mountains in Montana. It is a Dystopian world set in the stage in history when civilization is balancing on the edge of collapse and are about to tip over into chaos. Think fall of the Roman Empire.

That interesting period when no one realize that their civilization is collapsing. Water is strictly rationed. They use a Touch Cell Soft which is a device that functions as a cell phone and tv combined. Except everyone only gets six hours a month to use it because satellites are breaking down one after the other and no one has the knowledge anymore to fix it.

Raiders are killing and looting in large numbers and even take on towns and small cities. Of course my hero does not hesitate to take on these Raiders in defense of the heroine.


·         What should we know about your character?

She is a botanist and passionate about saving trees. She has asthma and are still mourning the death of her parents. And she’s about to have some visitors from outer space. Visitors who seriously worships strength.


·         What is your character's goal?

She wants to replant the pine trees that almost became extinct and she is lonely. She would like to be able to have a simple conversation. To have a family and a normal life. With the increasing violence in the world, the mountain is the safest place for her but since the death of her parents she miss having some to talk to.



·         What is screwing up your character's life (main conflict in writerly speak)?

The Raiders are suddenly looking for her and Aliens land on her mountain and move into her cave and take over her life. As if that is not enough the leader of the Aliens inform her that she will be his breeder. She also find out that they did not tolerate weakness so what would Zacar do with her if he realize her children could inherit asthma from him.



·         What is the title?

Alien Mine



·         When can we expect the book to be published or when was it published?

19 June 2014



I am very excited to announce that next week Rachael Thomas will talk about her character. She signed with Mills and Boon this year and I get to read her book this month when it is released.



Rachael’s BIO


I’ve always loved reading romance and writing is something I’ve done since I was a child. I live and work on a farm in Wales, a far cry from the glamour of my stories, but that makes slipping into the world of my characters all the more appealing. When I’m not writing or working on the farm, I love nothing more than to visit grand historic house or ancient castles.







Sunday 9 March 2014


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Look out for blogs from these wonderful authors, Mary Buckham, Cassandra L Shaw and Rachael Thomas.
What am I working on?

My first book, Alien Mine will be published by Black Opal Books this year. After serious second book jitters I finished the rough draft of Alien under Cover and are editing it. I am also editing the first book in a trilogy I am writing about angels and zombies. I am plotting the second and third book for that series and writing the rough draft of the second book.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write paranormal and I’ve noticed the trilogy I’m writing have a strong fantasy/adventure feeling.

Why do I write what I do?

I have read romance since I was a little girl and still love it. Paranormal will always remain my favorite genre to read and to write. That said I have ideas written down and half written books for any genre you can mention as long as it is romance.

How does my writing process work?

I work full time so that means I do my writing after work. I normally get home about five then I relax for an hour and then from six to ten I write or edit or plot. Saturdays I try to write six hours and Sundays four. The good thing about these long hours and the fact that I stick to it is that it allows me a social life as well. If I take a Saturday to visit or go to the movies it is not a problem because of all the hours I have put in already.


Please tell me about your writing process. I love to learn from other authors.